being that you are CATTY MACCINI, this BIOGRAPHY is technically more of an AUTOBIOGRAPHY. but, also being that you are CATTY MACCINI, you do not feel like getting in to the COMPLEXITIES of what it truly means to own a DESCRIPTION of yourself in your own MIND voiced in SECOND PERSON. because getting too into STUFF is not SOMETHING you claim to ever do. remember when a CLASSMATE criticized you for shamelessly eating OFF-BRAND HALLOWEEN CANDY, and you refrained from going off about how we should use halloween as an OPPORTUNITY to widen our choice of CANDY instead of going along with big CANDY CORPORATIONS that use us as PAWNS being that us eating the same 3 CANDY BRANDS every YEAR and debating over which is superior only feeds their STATISTICS and STOCKS and WHATEVER helping them beat the other 2 CANDY BRANDS and in the end becoming a HALLOWEEN CANDY MONOPOLY so we will only eat the same CHEAP FUCKING CHOCOLATE every halloween? you have SELF-CONTROL, never overthinking to the point of trying to figure out if this is a BIOGRAPHY, AUTOBIOGRAPHY, or even a BIOGRAPHY to begin with. also you are 15 YEARS old and a CAPRICORN